I n t r o d u c t i o n

Modern Facilities—Traditional Values

Today, families are demanding higher and higher standards from their funeral directors and we, as a family, recognise the need to respond. With this in mind we are proud to unveil our brand new, purpose built funeral home. This £1m investment houses the most modern facilities, yet retains the traditional values of seven generations.

Our qualified and dedicated advisors will guide you through making all the necessary arrangements, to ensure all your wishes are carried out. We will complete all the necessary documentation and contact all the relevant authourities on your behalf.

Your personal mourning suite will be reserved for you, so anyone who wishes to pay their last respects, may do so in complete privacy. This is available to you and your family until the funeral has taken place.

We are able to arrange a service for any denomination, or even a service without any religious connotation, should you require it. We are able to arrange your flowers, Order of Service Booklets, and all your musical requirements. If you wish, we will receive and collate donations in lieu of flowers and list all the contributors. We are able to offer you help and advice on administering the estate and, if you wish, administer it for you through one of our aftercare providers.